20 Reasons Why You Should Become an Owner-operator

Considering the growth in the trucking industry, a lot of truck drivers think about starting an owner-operator business. While some do it with the correct motive, many others also do it without any good reason. 

We want to help you decide if becoming an owner-operator is right for you. Here is our list of 20 reasons that qualify as legitimate motives for becoming an owner-operator. 

20: Current Employment Feels Tedious

Only do the work that makes you happy. If you do not feel that way in your current line of work, a change may be in order.

19: You Are Partnering up for a New Business

Having someone who wants to achieve the same goals as you do makes them a good partner and you can start your business a lot more easily.

18: You Can Make Room for Different Options

You will have command over the type of truck you drive, who your clients are, locations you will go to, etc.

17: You Can Stay Attached to a Company

It is common practice for owner-operators to lease out to different carriers in the beginning. That brings you the freedom to work on your own terms while having some kind of job security like an employee driver.

16: Looking for Challenge

While it is not easy work, the challenge is exactly what appeals to a lot of people to stop being company employees and become owner-operators.

15: You Know How to Run a Business

Just being a good driver is not enough, making things run without hiccups needs good business skills too.

14: Drive on Routes of Your Choice

While a company driver will go wherever the company wants them to, an owner-operator can decide what route they want to take.

13: Experience Is Key

Running your own owner-operator business will only work if you already have the experience that defines a successful driver.

12: Go for the Speed You Want

Without the speed limiter which is present in company trucks, you can drive at your own speed. Do keep the consumption in mind if you take the fast lane.

11: You Can Make the Investment

Starting an owner-operator business can cost you quite a lot of money. But you can get it all back after you start getting clients.

10: Choose Your Clients

Who you decide to take on as a client is entirely your call. If someone has a bad or unprofessional attitude you can simply stop working with them.

9: A Truck That Belongs to You

For any trucker, having a ride they own is one of the most satisfying feelings.

8: Self-Confidence

For finding the success you need to have a firm belief in your abilities. This can take you to a lot of success as an owner-operator.

7: You Are No Longer Following Commands

The independence of being an owner-operator means you can make your own decisions and bring changes where you see fit.

6: Ready for the Next Step

You have spent enough time being a driver for someone else and it is time to go beyond that.

5: Business Specific Tax Benefits

Owner-operators are entitled to special tax savings like deduction of per-diem which company drivers are not eligible for.

4: Self-Determined Load Capacity

While an employee has to work with whatever load the company gives them, being an owner-operator can allow you to decide your own limits.

3: A Schedule That Follows You

When and how much you work is entirely dependent on your own decisions.

2: Bigger Paycheck

While a job as a driver gives you fixed income, being an owner-operator removes all limits to how much you can earn.

1: Become the Decision Maker

The freedom of working as an owner-operator is probably the biggest reason why people choose to take this path. The idea of running your own show is very enticing.

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